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There are a total of 40 kennels each with its own sleeping area and exercise run. Each sleeping area has its own individual heat lamp. We supply bedding which is changed regularly to keep your loved one comfortable during their stay. We would prefer that your dog uses our supply of bedding but if you would feel more comfortable with his/her own bedding please feel free to bring it with you.  Dogs are housed individually (unless from the same household), and enjoy spacious accommodation, all with inside sleeping quarters with an outside, fully covered run attached.


There are three exercise areas which all dogs are encouraged to use individually whilst their kennel area and runs are cleaned and at other times during the day. We will play with your dog whilst they are in the exercise area. Most dogs need interaction to exercise and if left unattended would simply lay or sit down.


We recommend you visit us and let us show you our facilities, during which time we can discuss your pets individual needs, likes and dislikes etc. Their dietary requirements, which types of toys they prefer, what type of exercise they are used to, and any other matters or concerns you may have.


We offer a ‘walking’ service. All dogs will be walked daily in addition to their use of the exercise area. We feel that is important to bond with your dog whilst he/she is here with us. We understand that some dogs will not foul their kennel area and as a result need exercise outside of the kennels to ‘perform’. There may be a small charge for this service during peak times.


Walking/exercise/hugs and cuddles allow us to form a bond with your dog making his/her stay with us more enjoyable.

This in turn reassures you that are being treated as you would wish. Each kennel block is double gated for the safety and security of our guests. 


The kennels operates 365 day's of the year. 


Although we continue our care for your pets throughout the Christmas holidays, we do not accept or return dogs on Christmas Day, or New Years Day. Boxing Day we are open 9am -12 noon


Our warm, loving and caring attitude will ensure your pets are given the best possible care and are safe and secure at all times during their stay.

We want you to be happy with ‘Elswick Kennels’ as your choice of Kennels. We appreciate the need for you to feel confident that you have made the right choice. We can assure you that our personal attention is guaranteed. Inspections are very welcome; no appoinment is necessary to view but due to our busy exercise programme we would appreciate a telephone call prior to attending.


We assure all the possible comforts that you would expect from a professional service at ‘Elswick Kennels’.


See our Five Star reviews at www.Yell.com


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